We offer a professional service to all breeds & groom them to breed standard.

The groom experience we offer:

  • Bath

  • Blow dry

  • Nails

  • Pads, paws

  • Trim or Cut

  • Ears cleaned 

  • Anal glands 

We start of by giving your a dog a lovely warm rinse to get any dirt off, followed by a good scrub & massage with our favourite shampoo's after we have rinsed off the shampoo we will then proceed to blow dry and brush your dog to give it's coat a luscious, fresh, shiny coat. 

The next step will be to check nails, paws, pads & ears in ready for the preparation for the cut.

After your dog has been groomed to a high standard we will then give them a bandana and a lovely spritz of our favourite fragrance.

Your pampered dog will then have a photo opportunity so we can post to our Facebook page to show them off.

If you require a special cut or shape please request at drop off and we will advise if at all possible.


Please let us know of any condition i.e. skin etc the dog may have so we can be sure to use the right products on your precious dog.

Look out for special pamper packages on offer!